Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy 

A knowledgeable person with deep understanding

A positive, healthy individual with good self-esteem

A active and skill full investigator

A complex and creative thinker

A caring participant contributing to our community

A reflective and self directed learner

A responsible, reliable person with a developed work ethic

A culturally included and inclusive person

Essence of our Institute Mission Statement 

" To help, courage and challenge the individual to strive to fulfil his or her potential in all facets of life"

How do you know if tutoring is needed for you or your child?

There are many possible reasons why you or your child might need tutoring.

Here are some of the most important reasons.

Teacher or counselor recommends tutoring
Grades are dropping
Homework seems increasingly difficult
Extreme anxiety before tests
Self-esteem is dropping
Loss of interest in learning
Feelings of wanting to give up
Resisting doing schoolwork
Reluctance to go to school
Children want to maintain their grades