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Selective OC and NAPLAN

Next Selective High School Test will be conducted on the morning of 12th March 2019

We help students from range of schools and backgrounds to prepare for Selective School entrance exams in New South Wales, SEAL, scholarship tests, entry tests for private schools and other similar tests. Subjects include English, Mathematics, General Ability, and Written Expression. 

Selective High School Placement Test is an ability test which can differentiate accurately between students of very high ability. It is rare for any candidate to score full marks in any of its components.

The test is developed by an external test development company under contract to the Department of Education. It is a secure test and, apart from the sample test papers which have been published online, tests are not made public before or after the test session. The test does not usually contain any questions used in previous years. Parents are responsible to apply with BOSTES for the selective test exam in year 5.

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With only 8 Students per class

The Selective High School Placement Test is designed to measure ability rather than mastery of the school curriculum.

Students sit three multiple-choice tests in: 

  • Reading (45 questions),
  • Mathematics (40 questions)
  • General ability (60 questions). 

Forty minutes are allowed for each test.

The fourth test is a writing test which is 20 minutes long. 

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It is difficult for students and parents to prepare for this examinations. Due to the competitive nature of these tests, it is essential to set up regular practice sessions to improve children's skills gradually. Parents need as much guidance in this area as they can possibly get.

 Until Now, this guidance and support was not easy to come by!

We help students prepare for Opportunity Class (OC) in New South Wales for entry into Year 5 and 6. Subjects include English, Mathematics, writing and General Ability.

Successful students attend the opportunity class training for the duration of Years 3 and 4 to gain a place in an opportunity class. It is a two-year training program. In the majority of cases students who chose to excess some training class prior to this test has better chance of getting into this placements.

Parents are responsible for booking the exam with BOSTES

More about the OC (Y5) tests

Our tests contain 35 questions that are to be completed within 40 minutes. All tests contains questions in Mathematics, General Ability and Reading Comprehension. The tests are modelled after the NSW Opportunity Class (OC) Test.

These tests can be used, not only by NSW students, but by students in all Australian states that are preparing their children for curriculum at this level.

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 Competitive and fun learning environment students,

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» Ample timed tests, with tons of questions

» Answer Strategies easily explain concepts

» Monitor your progress over time

» Build confidence for the real test

When should I sign up?

Given the competitiveness of the entrance examination, students often begin preparation well in advance. For the Year 7 test, most students begin while they are in grade 5. For the Year 5 test, students often begin in grade 4. 

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There are less than six months left to prepare, is it too late for me to get started?

No! While many students begin preparation a year in advance, successful students have begun with much less time. Selective Tests will help you use your time efficiently by helping you identify areas to focus on.

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